Youth Ski Program

Registration for Free Ski Lessons will be January 5th starting at 1 pm at the lodge and going until 3:30 pm.  Please bring your child so they can be fitted for equipment.


The Friends of Valley Spur are in the 11th year of offering “Free” ski lessons for youth age 5 through 18. Lessons begin on the 2nd Sunday of  January and run for 4 consecutive weeks, with a youth race.


Picking up our equipment for lessons

Lessons take place on Sundays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Those children who pre-registered are reminded to be at the lodge and ready to pick up their reserved equipment between 1:30-1:45. Equipment is given out on 1st come 1st served basis.  Lessons begin promptly at 2:00pm.

The program teaches both classic and skate ski.


You always need your Teddy Bear when you go into the woods.

Who’s winning the race? We all are.

To ensure everyone gets the most out their time in the program, all youth are expected to be on the trails with skis on at 2:00pm. No equipment will be handed out after 2:00pm. Please arrive early to allow time.

The 6th and final week in the program will be a Mini Snow-Man youth race event with prizes.

Want to help with the program.  Contact Michelle Hach who heads up our program.  You don’t have to be a great skier to help out.  We have many duties on the day of lessons.  Handing out equipment, helping the young people get their equipment on.  signing in the youth, making hot chocolate.  Come join us in giving our youth the life long sport of cross country skiing.

Michelle Hach proudly standing with our ski equipment.

Michelle Hach proudly standing with our ski equipment.

Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that help make the Youth Ski program a huge success.

Donations. We are reaching more youth than ever, and we are in great need for equipment and volunteers to help with the program. All donations are greatly appreciated! Donations can be brought to the lodge during regular hours of operation Thursday – Sunday 10am to 4pm during the ski season. If you don’t have any equipment, monetary donations of any amount would help us to purchase the equipment we desperately need.

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