Taste & Glide


The Annual Taste and Glide will take place on the 1st Saturday in March starting at 11 am and go until 3 pm.   Price is $25. and $20. for VS Season pass holders.  Music will be provided in the lodge by Chris Vallenti a long time favorite of the T&G.  The lodge will be full of food and fire pit by the lodge.  So gather up your friends and family and head out to Valley Spur for some tasting and some gliding.  




In March 2014 our Annual Taste and Glide was renamed “Worel’s Woods Taste and Glide” to honor long time Valley Spur Friend David Worel.  Our Taste and Glide is always on the 1st Saturday of March each year.  Participates ski or snowshoe to tables on B Trail that are full of food.  Our lodge is also full of food and beverage and music to enjoy.  In the event of very cold weather all food and beverage will be put in the lodge.  

taste and glide2014 005

Chris Valenti providing the music in our lodge. Chris knows all the oldies and it’s great to sing along with Chris.


taste and glide2014 008

Mr. Valley spur at Taste Glide after being honored for over 30 years of service to Valley Spur Ski Trails.

taste and glide2014 004

Participates enjoying the Lodge buffet and music provided by Chris Valenti.

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